Bloggiesta Olé! (March 30 – April 1)

Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

I’m somewhat of a newbie-blogger. Not an infant, but a gradually growing toddler in the world of book blogging. And thank goodness for user-friendly applications like WordPress to lay the foundation for me. I’m not and never was a Java-Script-kind-of-girl. The closest thing Java has ever been to me is its relation to coffee (and I KNOW coffee!).

This is the pot of coffee I make every morning. And afternoon. And night...

But, I’m also an extremely passionate individual who tends to enthusiastically jump head-first (without any helmet or other safety precaution) into projects that ignite my interest.

If you check the widget on the right-hand side of my blog, you’ll see that I testify to winning The Voracious Reader Award.

Voracious Reader Award 2012

I have a voracious appetite, yes, and because of this, I tend to not only “over-eat,” but frantically devour what’s in front of me—without thinking of my manners or the consequences of an upset stomach.

I don’t even bother to notice that perhaps, I could have taken my time, prevented the inevitable mess on the floor that slopped down as I busily gorged into my third helping of my latest-and-greatest “potato-project.”

"May the Force be with you, Zara."

(Yes, this is a metaphor. I’m not that piggy when I eat…unless it’s sushi in a bento box in front of me. Or a tray.)

Where was I…? You see?


Even my “train of thought” just zooms on by forgetting that a station was packed with potential passengers.  (I don’t know what that means, but I’m leaving it in.)

And because of this headstrong, fast-paced, assertive personality of mine is also somewhat—okay, a whole lot—hedonistic, my sensory indulgence that stems from my passion, ambition, and overall excitement when I start something new, tends to forget that there are only 24 hours in a day, in which I must shave off a few to do daily things. Important things. Things that necessitate non-blogging activities. Like eating, sleeping, spending time with my husband and two young children.

This is what could potentially happen if I DON'T get enough sleep because of an overwhelming pile of "potato-projects" that I choose to take on.

So, what actually ends up happening, is an enthusiastic “By, God, YES! I’ll do it!” gung-ho response to many different projects until my plate is not only full, but heaping into a disgusting mountain of gluttony and sloth.

(Insert look of disgust, here.)

Holy hogginess, Batman!

So, this metaphorical pile of projects, that I, in my supersonic, super-woman, super-ridiculous mentality convinces me that I am not only able, but qualified to handle—ends up SPLAT on the floor. SPLAT.

As in, “Dear God, what is that awful mess that I must now clean up?”

(I refuse to post an image here. I’m much too sensitive.)

But, before that happens, how do I proceed?

What is my coping mechanism of choice?

You know it.

Say it with me: Pro…crast…in…a…tion.”

 Yeah, that. The evil pile that gets tossed off to the side (or stuffed into a folder) until I’m ready to, you know…deal with it. Because my passion is so heated, there’s an entire world out there I must conquer…or at least…see!

Diana of Themyscira (AKA: Me, in my younger years.)

So, what’s in that pile?

A whole lot of stuff.

In particular, work on my blog.

Blogs are to bloggers, much like infantile pets. When they’re young, you’ve got to train ‘em or else you’re gonna get a mess. No training, no discipline. No discipline and urine and feces end up in places they’re not supposed to be (if you know what I’m saying). That’s a whole lot of caca, I don’t want to deal with.

(I just had to include this photo.)

And so, the saving grace of the Bloggiesta Olé weekend is approaching and I am committing to hiding in my Blog Cave to nurture this baby. It is, after all, my baby.


Here are some of the things I’d like to do:

  • Create a Facebook page for The Bibliotaphe’s Closet because it’s getting stuffed with a lot of book goodness.
  • Work on an update for my site on Book Blog.
  • Include the GFC/Networked Blog widgets to provide users with more access to moi and the closet.
  • Finally finish rating and “Z-ringing” my book reviews (I don’t use stars. I use Z-rings.)
  • Re-vamp the look of the blog because, like me, no one should have to wear the same dress twice…in the same week…er…I mean, month.
  • Drink up some of that Java Script stuff people keep talking about. I’ll HTML this and HTML that.
  • I might even give myself a practice run with that Copter guy. You know the one, the “random picking” Rafflecopter who rarely picks me when I enter a book giveaway contest. (Grrr…)
  • And of course, work on some content especially for my Ink Blot page that’s intended to host my creative writing work! And also stuff my Tote Bag page with more book goodies. It needs to be filled. It’s empty and it knows it.
  • Other than that, I’ll see where my creative powers lead me. Hopefully it’s to some new blogging friends (and experts).

Already, it feels like I’ll be going off for a three-day blogging sabbatical. And graduating with some fancy-smancy, new blog duds.

Bring it!

I won’t be creating any high-tech robots or smart phones. But, I’ll be learning and playing—and rearing my baby blog into his pull-ups—maybe even teach him how to tie his own shoes.


It’s March 30 – April 1.

And instead of severe thinking caps (though thinking—creative and otherwise—will be involved), I’ll be wearing a sombrero (on purpose):

Mí en mi sombrero (Old Towne, San Diego).

Maybe not the whole three days. But, you’ll see me. And hear me.

Typing and shouting, “Olé!”

Maybe you’re interested in joining me along with others.

If so, see details on how to sign-up and participate.


6 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Olé! (March 30 – April 1)”

  1. Wow! Wow wow wow! From that list of things to do you don’t sound like a newbie blogger at all! Way to go! I’m so glad you are able to join us for the blogging party weekend! Good luck with your list!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Suey. The list is a starting point. I hope to be able to tackle some of it for the “Bloggiesta!” I’ll see you there. Don’t forget to wear your sombrero. (I sincerely hope someone also serenades us with a bolero.)

    “Ciao, mi amiga en Bloggiesta Olé!”

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