Are You MAD not to Play HCC March Madness?

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Are you still mad?

  1. Mad with book fever?
  2. Mad that your book of choice didn’t make the next round?
  3. Mad that the bookstore closes at 9:00 p.m. instead of remaining open all day, every day?
  4. Mad that your friends have the latest book you haven’t yet had a chance to read?
  5. Mad that you missed the chance to meet and greet your favourite author because you live many miles away from the book event?
  6. Mad that your book budget seems to be diminishing because, let’s admit it—you bought five books only yesterday?
  7. Mad that you have to go to work instead of just being free to read all day?
  8. Mad that the fictional characters in the book you’re reading is more interesting than your real friends?
  9. Mad that Rafflecopter didn’t pick your number—again?
  10. Mad that more people aren’t voting for books in HCC March Madness?!?

Well, it’s time to quiet down that angry inner child of yours and VOTE!

It’s just a click on Facebook. A “like.” Or a hashtag #HCCMarchMadness on Twitter.

It’s not hard. It’s not even time-consuming.

And you know, what?

If you don’t vote, you might get MAD for not winning any book prizes!!!!

Click below to find out how to play. You’re mad if you don’t!


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