Book Review: Glass Boys by Nicole Lundrigan

Book Review:

Glass Boys by Nicole Lundrigan


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis


Category: Fiction

Author: Nicole Lundrigan

Format: Trade Paperback, 304 pages

Publisher: Douglas & Macintyre

ISBN: 978-1553657972

Pub Date: July 29, 2011


As a reviewer, I feel much like the character Wilda Burry when, “[h]er head wavered slightly, [her] lids lowered, and she whispered, ‘I don’t even know how to begin.'”

Because really, this novel by Nicole Lundrigan is rich with storytelling and family history between the Trench and Fagan families, which at its heart is the core and drama of the book.

The characters, though broken by the altering affects of their relationships, are fiercely honest both in mannerism and dialogue that soon, you as the reader, develop an ease through Lundrigan’s well-paced writing to surely and eventually feel affection for even the worst of the characters and the trouble and darkness that haunts and lies within them.

The chapters, too, end with stark passages that the prose fiction itself transpires into the stuff of poems and wonderful imagery.

There is much to enjoy in the landscape of Newfoundland, in its dialect, and in these characters. Though most, if not all, are left with emotional scarring, heavy blueprints of tangled and complicated pasts, Lundrigan’s writing is neither obtuse nor jarring. And though she covers a span of difficult and sensitive subject matter, she does so with serious, tender pen strokes.

What I thoroughly enjoyed was the precise unravelling of the plot, the depiction and the context of strong brotherly love and Lundrigan’s ability as a female writer to write her male characters so convincingly well.

It is a hidden gem of a novel, filled with dark lusts and perversions, displacement and yearning, recollection and reconciliation if not only with others, but oneself, and is bewitchingly hopeful amongst a long line of tragedy, which should catapult Nicole Lundrigan as an author to where she rightly deserves to be: highly acclaimed and on every bookshelf!


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